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Broadcasted in the popular radios of Venezuela, Nuestro Insólito Universo is the name of a show mixing legends and strange stories with an unsettling soundtrack. In the late 80's and 90's on the way to school, most of us venezuelan kids would listen with goosebumps to this radio show, played by the bus driver.



Paris-based quartet Insólito UniVerso is a project that takes inspiration from a wide range of sources, such as psychedelic folk , baroque singing, electroacoustic experimentation and traditional Latin American music, particularly through the rhythms and instruments of Venezuelan folklore .


Taking all of these influences and borrowing the essence of the Manifesto Antropófago , the band constructs a unique sound, represented through their original compositions and arrangements; taking Venezuelan music to unheard realms. The project began when lead singer Maria Fernanda Ruette and bassist Raúl Monsalve got together to compose music rooted in Venezuelan traditions with the openness afforded by more contemporary styles . After an initial period of creation at cultural center FGO Barbara in Paris, keyboardist Edgar Bonilla joins the band, bringing with him jazz and classical nuances. They have worked with different drummers and percussionists such as David Zerathe, Andrés Sequera and Francesco Pastacaldi.


Their first release came via London's Olindo Records in the form of a 2-track 7" with a debut full length, "La Candela del Rio" co-produced by The Heliocentric's Malcolm Catto , slated for Autumn 2018.

After a single coming out in June 2022, their second release “Ese puerto exists”,  a full LP, is expected in autumn 2022.

“La Candela del Rio” was listed among the 50 best albums of the year 2018 after  " The Vinyl  factory”. Insolito UniVerso was among the four nominees for the Best Group Award at the “Songlines Music Awards 2020”.

PRESS for "La Candela del Rio":


        "Imagine yourself in front of a Wes Anderson film in Venezuela" Qwest TV   


        "Even when they play slower spaced out numbers, there's this sense of joy that runs in the DNA of their music, something rapturous even in the sadness" Noisey

     "Like Stereolab and The Heliocentrics vacationed in South America and got really high" Bandcamp Weekly

        "La Candela del Rio is a thing of beauty " Wire Magazine

       "La Candela del Rio is an adrift and mixed-up as its homeland; for guts and ambition you have to admire such a genuinely original debut" Songlines magazine

We have been at

Atlantic Jazz Festival, Brest – Metissages Festival, Colmar – ALCA, Beauvais - Le Point Ephémère, Paris  - Festival Monte le Son, Paris - The Ballhaus, Berlin - La Petite Halle de La Villette, Paris - London Jazz Cafe, London - Le Cirque Electrique, Paris  - Record stores, Paris - Musical Center FGO Barbara, Paris  - Servant Jazz Quarters, London - Le Bab'ilo, Paris - La Générale, Paris  - The Zorba, Paris  - La Javelle, Paris - Festival La Cour Denis, Lormes - The Rose Hill, Brighton, UK… We had our international gigs from Europe to Japan canceled due to Covid!

We are


Maria Fernanda RUETTE entered music through the cuatro (Venezuelan guitar), her rhythms, her songs and obviously through poetry. She sings about Venezuela and composes songs from her two loves: traditional singing and opera. Arrived in France during her first concert, she was immediately named Maria Fernanda de Caracas in front of a horde of punks from the Cirque Electrique. She played in the film "Carlos" by Olivier Assayas committed songs. With a wandering voice, has multiplied the adventures by going from baroque to contemporary music.

Raul MONSALVE,  Venezuelan bassist, composer and ethnomusicologist, is part of a generation of musicians marked by his eclecticism. He directs the group Monsalve y Los Forajidos, and he has collaborated with groups like kRé, The Heliocentrics, Orlando Poleo, Cumbia Ya, Pantcha lndra, Family Atlântica, etc. His musical journey has been influenced by different artistic experiences in which he immersed himself: on the one hand the black tradition of his country and the Caribbean, and on the other, experimental jazz and old school funk.

  Edgar BONILLA Jiménez,  born in Caracas, he completed his training as a classical pianist obtaining in 2008 a Master's degree in Instrumental Performance with mention "very good" at the University of the Arts of Venezuela. Winner of two editions of the El Piano Venezolano National Competition, he made his debut as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela in 1992, performing in various halls in his country as well as in international festivals in Spain and Germany. In 2009 he moved to Paris where he studied at the Bill Evans Piano Academy. He is currently divided between several projects, always looking for links with his cultural roots, in very varied musical universes such as contemporary music, jazz and Latin American rhythms.

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